Andy Miners Cycling

Andy when he was compteing for Team Renault in France

Andy Miners when he was cycling for Team Renault Dinard

Andy Miners cycling is a website all about my love of cycling, road racing, bikes, wheels and cycling accessories.   AMC Velo which is the brand name of Andy Miners Cycling will be manufacturing and retailing composite bikes to the medium-high end of the cycling market.  I have been a keen cyclist for over 30 years and have completed in road races in both the UK and in France when I was riding for Team Renault Dinard.

I have also done Land's End to John O'Groats twice for the Children's Hospice South West.  The first time I cycled there and back in 9 days; a distance of 1670 miles and an average of almost 200 miles a day.  This was achieved despite the fact that I have had a total of 27 breaks in my right leg and titanium plates from my hip to my foot.

Working with me will be Richard Mcainsh, Head of Design: Aerospace and Ex F1 designer worked with Ferrari and designed the Benetton high nose concept and many concepts for cycling component manufacturers – will head up the engineering dept. and together with his design team work to create cutting edge designs all of which will be next generation cutting edge designs many of which are unique and hold/attract IP and Copyright. Experience of over 30 years in design and composites.

S-Light - the Pileri family has had an important role in the Motorcycle World Championships for nearly 20 years. The role of the Pileri family has now changed from motorcycles to bicycles, under Luca Pileri. The range covers S-Light and Pileri Corse. The bikes are cutting edge design, using 3k, 12k carbon.

Scappa’s vision and aim is to be one of the most exclusive, luxury, custom cycle manufacturers in the world. Our logo, the fleeing stallion, is a symbol of power and elegance, and underlines our renowned brand ethos of building the most individual of bike frames, where all desires of the rider are fulfilled. Our know-how and use of the most advanced technologies available are the foundations of our outstanding products that leave bike enthusiasts across the globe 100% satisfied.

Marco Pantani was, and continues to be, for many tifosi the greatest Italian cyclist of the modern era. Despite his faltering career in later years and his tragic death, Pantani is still held up as the ultimate modern mountain climber. His explosive attacks throughout the Alps and Pyrenees earned him the reputation of a rider who feared no one. Often dancing out of the peloton just for the fun of it. Throughout his early pro-career Marco rode Italian frames built by the very same people who are now behind the Pantani Bike Project. The range is now available through Grupetto Italia in the UK. With 3 frame models spanning entry to elite level bikes, the beautiful 'stealth' carbon, Nero tops the range and all bikes are endorsed by the Pantani Family - the Bike project has been designed and created by Davide Boifava, the former pro rider who ensures the quality and performance remain at the highest standard that Pantani would have demanded from bikes bearing his signature